Land Use Map Viewer Online Help:

The Land Use Map Viewer allows users to view Existing Land Use, Developable Land, and Future Land Use maps side-by-side. The land use map layers cover the geographic area of Hillsborough County, Florida, including the jurisdictions of unicorporated Hillsborough County, City of Tampa, City of Plant City, and City of Temple Terrace.

Using the Viewer

The Land Use Map Viewer offers a simple way for users to view the land use (existing, future, and developable) for a specific location and adjacent areas.

Finding an Area of Interest

There are two primary ways to identify an area of interest, or specific location. You can interact directly with the map using the "map-based navigation". You can also use the Search Box to locate a specific area by address.

Map Based Navigation

There are several ways to interact with the map:

1. Drag the "slider" along the tic marks to zoom in/out
2. Hold down the Shift key and drag a box on the map to zoom in
3. Hold Down Ctrl+Shift to zoom out
4. Roll your mouse roller to zoom in/out
5. Click the gray arrows along the map perimeter to pan in that direction
6. Click on the map and drag the mouse cursor in the direction you wish to move


The "Locate Address" search box can be used to find a location by address:

1. Enter the address or intersection you're interested in (including the city and state)
2. Click on the search button (magnifying glass) beside the search box to perform the search

Street Number and/or Street Type is not required, but will yield the best results.
When searching for an intersection, use '&' to separate the street names. (e.g., Kennedy & Morgan, Tampa).

Map Information

By default, the Description of each map is displayed beneath each.
To view the Content (i.e., map layers), click on the button beside "Content" to select it.
To view the Legend (i.e., codes and colors for the map layers), click on the button beside "Legend" to select it.
Note: These options are located under MAP INFORMATION in the footer section.

Synchronize Maps

There are two primary ways to keep the three maps synchronized.
1. Right-click on a map and choose "Adjust other maps to this", then select "scale", "location", or "scale and location".
2. Click on the checkbox beside "Scale" and "Location" listed under SYNCHRONIZE MAPS in the footer section.

Scale - zooms the maps to the same in/out level
Location - centers the maps at the same point

Identify Land Use

Provided you are zoomed in close enough, clicking on a land use area in one of the maps will open a pop-up box in each map that displays the respective land use category and description.

More Information

Please visit the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission website for more detailed land use planning information.