Select/Buffer Parcels

Select/Buffer Parcels

Select/Buffer Parcels allows you to interactively choose parcels on the map using various "drawing" tools. 

Click on one of the tools, then click or "draw" on the map to select the underlying parcels. The selected parcels will be highlighted on the map.

(Optional) Once parcels have been selected via a "drawing" tool, you can create a "buffer" area around them. Set the buffer distance (feet), then click the "Buffer Parcels" button. All parcels intersecting the "buffer" area will be selected and highlighted on the map. The "buffer" area will also be displayed on the map.

Click the "View Selected" button to display a pop-up box containing the list of selected parcel(s).

The parcel list can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

  • Clicking on a row will zoom the map to the highlighted parcel (shaded yellow). Note: The other parcels in the list are shaded blue.
  • The parcel list can be downloaded as a CSV file (which can be opened in Excel) by clicking the "Download Parcel Results" link.
  • Close the pop-up box containing the parcel list by clicking the "x" in the upper right-hand corner.

Click the "Clear Selected" button to remove the selected parcels from the map.


Example Usages:

  • Highlight parcels of interest.
  • Select properties within a certain distance of specific parcels for public notifications.
  • Download parcel data in a comma-separated value (csv) file. (Note: csv files can be opened in Excel or any text editor.)